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5 Effective Weight Loss Tips for Women Struggling with Their Weight

5 Effective Weight Loss Tips for Women Struggling with Their Weight

Surveys have shown that the majority of women who are overweight or obese wish that they could lose the weight. Many feel depressed and inferior. They desperately wish to shed the excess pounds but they feel like they can never achieve it. They feel like […]

7 Appetite Reduction Techniques for Women

7 Appetite Reduction Techniques for Women

Let’s face it. If you want to lose weight, you’re going to have to eat less. Yes… yes… You don’t want to. You enjoy eating. Do you really have to cut down your calorie intake? Yes. What if you eat the same amount and just […]

Am I Destined To Be Fat?

Am I Destined To Be Fat?

This is a very common question and it’s especially asked by women if they come from a family where all their family members are overweight. It seems like they’re just born that way.

Life has dealt them a bad hand and they can never compete with the svelte women strutting around in their bikinis. Life is cruel.

Or is it?

Studies have shown that only a very miniscule percentage of people have a serious health condition that prevents them from losing weight. The majority of us have no problems.
So why then are some people so much fatter than others?

For starters, we must admit that some women have higher metabolic rates and are genetically gifted. However, even women who come from families where most of the members are overweight can lose weight if they watch their diet and exercise moderately.

The problem here is that poor eating habits and diet choices are passed down from generation to generation. If your grandmother loved eating sweet foods, your mother probably picked it up from her and passed it down to you.
While this is just an example, it is very true. You are what you eat and most people eat junk and blame their genes. We should not sugar coat this fact. You’re responsible for your own weight.

If you’re naturally inclined to weight gain, then you’ll need to work harder… but you’re not destined to be fat.
In some cases, women may have cyclical hormones that affect their weight adversely. If this is the case, you’ll need to see a doctor to deal with this issue.

However, even in cases like these, you’ll still be able to lose weight if you curtailed your eating. The food you eat is the biggest factor in determining your weight.

If you’ve ever watched the TV show, Survivor, you’ll notice that no matter who joins the show, whether they’re fat or thin… they always end up losing weight and becoming lean.

The reason for this is due to the lack of food on the island. Even the overweight contestants lose tremendous amounts of weight within a month. While this is not healthy, it just goes to show that the majority of people can lose weight.

And you can too.
Take control of your eating habits. That’s the first place to start. You wear what you eat.

Keep a journal where you write down whatever you eat. You’ll be amazed to see just how much unnecessary food you’re consuming. Most people who start journaling their diet can’t believe how much junk food and processed food creeps in.

Now that you know exactly what you’re eating, reduce unnecessary consumption. Do not cut down your food intake massively because you’ll end up with cravings. Do it gradually so that your body doesn’t fight you.

Slowly start removing processed foods from your diet and replace them with healthier alternatives. Replace white potatoes with yam. Cut down and eliminate simple carbs.

Drink more water instead of soda. Instead of chocolate, try cold cut fruit instead.
It’s these small changes that make all the difference. Just by cleaning up your diet, you’ll automatically see the pounds coming off and you’ll realize that you’re not destined to be fat.

You just need to eat better. It will take a while to do it… but when it comes to losing weight, this is the best step that you can take.

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Can A Woman Be Fat and Still Be Beautiful?

Can A Woman Be Fat and Still Be Beautiful?

There is a movement going around the world right now trying to get people to not be judgmental or look down on overweight or obese people. There is even a term for it. It’s called “fat shaming”. Fat people do not want to be called […]

Can I Lose Weight Without Giving Up Junk Food?

Can I Lose Weight Without Giving Up Junk Food?

The very idea of being able to eat whatever your heart craves and still lose weight is something that millions of women dream about. Is it really possible to lose weight while on a junk food diet? In theory, yes. It’s not so simple… but […]

Coping With the Stress of Trying to Lose Weight

Coping With the Stress of Trying to Lose Weight

The weight loss process can be extremely taxing mentally and emotionally for most women. Whenever they think about losing weight, they automatically think about running for hours or hitting the gym.

They also grimace at the thought of sacrificing their favorite food for boring, tasteless foods like broccoli juice or bland chicken breast.

It’s always a physical thing. Struggling with exercise or eating foods you do not want to, are the most common images conjured up by the mind. However, there is one more adversary that is far more sinister than sweating or sacrificing food.

It is the mental toll that weight loss exerts on your mind and will-power. This is the main cause why millions of women quit on the weight loss journey. It’s never the exercise or the food that makes a person quit. It’s the mental attitude and thought processes that make a person throw in the towel.

The first point to note is that it is not easy to lose weight. Forget what the women’s magazines or pills are saying. You can’t lose 14 pounds a week. These are false advertising designed to make you part with your money. The only thing that will get lighter is your wallet.

The 3 most important points about weight loss that you must grasp are:

* It’s not easy.
* It will take time… often longer than you will expect.
* You will slip up now and again.

Once you grasp these 3 points, that’s half the battle won.

Now that you know it is not easy, you will not have unrealistic expectations of losing weight. Many people buy weight loss pills based on the hype and marketing created by the manufacturer. When the results do not come, they are dejected, disappointed and demoralized.

These could all be avoided by realizing that you cannot shed the fats in such an easy manner. If you could lose weight just by eating a few pills, there would be no fat people on the planet.

The next point is that weight loss takes time. On average, you can expect to lose about 1% of your body weight a week. If you weigh 200 pounds, that means you will lose about 2 pounds a week. If you’re 40 pounds overweight, that’s going to be a 20 week stretch. Maybe a week or two more.

Are you prepared for this 20 week stretch? If you were expecting to lose 10 pounds in a week, you will be sorely disappointed when the scales show that you’ve only lost two.

This disappointment will make you feel like quitting. In reality, you have done good! Imagine that! You would quit, thinking that you failed when you’ve actually been on the right track. This is the biggest mistake most people make. They assume that their results are abysmal and decide that it’s just not worth it.

You must be thankful and grateful for any progress regardless of how small it is. That’s the only way forward.

Thirdly, you will slip up. Don’t make the mistake of expecting perfection. There will be times when your will-power fails and you gobble the cookie or gulp down the cool glass of wine.

It happens. We’re human and we slip up. When that happens, don’t curse yourself and tell yourself, that you don’t have what it takes… and quit!!! You never quit!

That’s like telling a kid who is learning to walk that he is destined to crawl for life just because he falls a few times during the learning process.

It’s this expectation of being perfect that leads many to quit. Just realize your slip up, acknowledge it, see why you slipped up and move on. Be determined to be more compliant.

If you stopped to analyze the situation, you may realize that attending a party makes you slip up. Your next course of action would be to avoid social occasions for a while till you have achieved your desired weight. You’d have cut out the temptation and stayed compliant.

By quitting, you’d never reach your goal.

Now that you know that there is a mental game involved when losing weight, you should be wary of your thought processes. Look closely at what is making you feel demoralized or depressed. What are you thinking of when you’re on the verge of quitting. Why do you want to quit?

By analyzing your thoughts, you will realize that your expectations are just unrealistic. Aim for small, achievable goals. Be kind to yourself… and keep moving forward. Always move forward.

You don’t have time for regrets. Leave them behind with the fat you’ve lost and keep moving forward.

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Do I Detox Before Starting a Weight Loss Program?

Do I Detox Before Starting a Weight Loss Program?

People really do enjoy making things more complicated than they really are. It is a common practice suggested by fitness trainers and weight loss guides that a person should detox their body before embarking on a weight loss program. There are detox teas, lemonade fasts, […]

If 10 Minutes Is All You Have to Exercise

If 10 Minutes Is All You Have to Exercise

A common complaint that most women have is that they just don’t have the time to exercise. They’ve to juggle their careers, keep an eye on their children, keep an eye on their hubby… it all takes up time. Exercise ends up as an afterthought. […]

I’m Too Shy to Workout at a Gym

I’m Too Shy to Workout at a Gym

If you don’t have the time to read the entire article, the quick answer is, “You don’t need to workout at a gym to lose weight.”

Every year in January, the sales of gym memberships skyrocket. Everybody and their pet cat has made a New Year resolution to get in shape. By February, over 95% of these “fitness minded folks” have given up and the gym memberships that have been fully paid for go to waste.

If you wish to lose weight, all you need to do is eat less, eat right and move more. That’s it. You do not require Nautilus machines, kettlebells, rowing machines, etc. All these are effective but not a necessity.

If you can walk, you can lose weight. All you need to do is maintain your diet at a caloric deficit of about 500 calories and walk for 30 to 60 minutes a day. Ideally, walking first thing upon waking will be fantastic. Your glycogen stores will be low and the body will access fat stores for fuel.

If you can walk for 45 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes in the evening, your results will be much faster. There is no need to pant and gasp at the gym. Usually, people who are embarking on a weight loss plan have led sedentary lives with very little exercise. Even walking will be beneficial and more exercise than they have gotten in a long time.

If you have the budget, you can always purchase dumbbells, barbells, a bench, etc. as equipment and keep them at home. Your muscles do not care where you workout as long as you do.

In fact, many people who have gyms at home report having better workouts since they do not have to share the equipment and wait their turn. You will be saving time and money. There are also no distractions unlike a gym.

The equipment once purchased, will last a lifetime. Unlike gym memberships which can be expensive and have annual fees, your home gym will never have fees. You will also not be intimidated by other people who look like they have stepped out of fitness magazines.

Many newbies to a gym feel inferior and intimidated when they see people who are ripped and look fantastic. This can be depressing and you really don’t need the vexation.

There are a plethora of exercises that you can do without weights. Just go on YouTube and search for calisthenics exercises. Lunges, push-ups, squats, tuck jumps, burpees, mountain climbers, etc. are all fantastic compound exercises that can be done in the privacy of your own home.

These exercises when executed fast in an interval circuit will boost your metabolic rate and get your heart pumping. They are excellent fat burning exercises. You may be surprised to know that many of the muscular, bulky guys at the gym may not even be able to complete a high intensity workout. They just do not have the stamina to.

When you work on your stamina, your body will burn fat fast and furiously. Your stamina can be built with high intensity workouts at home, at the park, at the beach etc. You don’t need a gym.

One who wishes to progress will make a step out of a stone. If you do not have the budget for a gym membership or you just don’t like the idea of being in a gym, don’t let that discourage you. You can definitely lose weight without a gym membership.

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Why Women Should Vary Their Carb Intake for Maximum Fat Loss

Why Women Should Vary Their Carb Intake for Maximum Fat Loss

Carbohydrate intake will determine just how fast you gain or lose weight. Carbs are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to weight gain. Many women consume way too many carbs without realizing just how much effort has to go into burning those calories. […]

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